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Pitfalls in Travel Insurance Covers Offered By UK Banks

Insurance covers are lifesaving schemes that have been developed to come to our aid in the time of need and help us to avoid having a huge problem when emergencies occur. However, the same insurance covers have so many pitfalls that we don't understand unless we get the assistance of a specialist in the industry. [...]

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U.S. Customs to Use Blockchain Technology for Travel Security Measures

Before you can understand the incredible ways through which blockchain technology is transforming the travel industry, you first need to understand what blockchain really is and how it functions. In as much as this technology sounds like a real bear, that’s not quite the case. Blockchain is literally a chain of blocks, -although not in [...]

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Social Media Influencer Earns $154,000 Marketing Other Businesses

After completing his studies in 2013 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2013, Drew Binsky decided to move to South Korea and teach. Armed with a double degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship with a double major degree Drew did the unthinkable and moved to South Korea to become a teacher of English. The latter didn't [...]

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Travel Ban on Taliban Leaders Likely to be lifted to Help Fast Track Peace Negotiations

The United Nations Security Council has a travel ban placed on Taliban officials for quite some time now. However, despite the ban being in place, the same officials have pooped up in several places and seem to have been able to travel without any problems. They have been in meetings held in Moscow, Beijing, and [...]

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Taliban Call off Meeting after Afghan Government Complained to the United Nations Security Council

In 2001 the insurgent group Taliban was driven out of power in Afghanistan and went into hiding in other parts of the country. Besides losing power and control the Taliban group also had travel restrictions placed on them by the United Nationals Security Council. But according to reports online the Taliban leaders have been travelling [...]

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First Pontiff in the UAE

For the first time, a Pope Head of the Roman Catholic Church landed in the United Arab Emirates. His visit marks a new beginning of a new working relationship between the UAE and Rome. The Pope's journey begun with an invitation from His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi [...]

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58 Year Old Mother Manages To Travel with Her Daughter’s Passport

Imagine crossing the border with your daughter's passport but only to realize that you forgot your passport back home? That's crazy right but for Anita Turner a 58-year-old mother it was a shocking moment for her and her friends. They were five and were going on a cruise on the Belgium side from England. And [...]

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Harsh Weather Conditions Make Traveling a Nightmare

Although the National Weather Services had advised people to expect drops in temperatures many didn't foresee the current situations on the ground. In Eastern US the week started with temperatures falling significantly after taking over from the snowy weekend witnessed. A weather forecast from the National Weather Services has shown that the Northeast residents should [...]

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