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Create a White Label in the TravelPayout account

After you set up White Label on your hosting you should create them in the affiliate program. In your account page in the White Labels section, click the Create a new White Label and fill in the configuration fields. Main The Main section contains the White Label's basic settings. White Label domain – Enter the URL [...]

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How set up TravelPayouts White Label on the hosting

How to create White Label: setup on the subdomain Pay attention: after you set up White Label on the hosting you should create it in the personal account.   Settings of White Label on the subdomain For third-level domains (for example avia.your_site_name.com): Create the CNAME record for the domain in the DNS settings on your hosting. The [...]

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Digital Marketing for Travel Website

We have now activating in our site as digital marketing package in which we will promote your site using facebook to get good amount of trageted traffic to your iste so that you can get some good buyer ..But we cant guarantee this will lead to sales ..but we can grantee we have get good [...]

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Amazon Affiliates partner

You must have heard that Amazon makes over billion dollar per year and many people are making thousands of dollar a month using amazon. Here we will know how to earn like them using no investment and little to no investment. The process is very easy and needs no technical knowledge.   The Amazon affiliates [...]

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CruiseDirect.com – Cruise affiliate Partner

A travel can not be completed without a cruise. Cruise have their own fun and are preferred by many as their primary holiday destination. All rich people have their own private cruise, this states the popularity of cruise. But preparing a cruise trip can be cumbersome, finding right ship with seats available and with lowest [...]

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Viator.com – tour affiliate partner

It’s holiday time and you will be planning a trip. Planning a trip is a very time taking and painful job. You have to get through a lot of websites and forums to choose the best provider and best price, make schedule and many more. Viator solves this problem by providing you the best tours [...]

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TravelPayouts – Complete Flight and hotel white level affiliate provider

 Join TravelPayouts Affiliate   TravelPayouts is a travel affiliate program that helps you to earn a stable income by helping travelers organise theirs vacation bookings. They provide a whole range of travel services to let you earn more. You need to put their materials in your website’s or blog’s free space and help the visitors [...]

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