Reportedly, the American couples were residents of New Jersey.  They have been missing since June after they rented a jet ski that was found on Saturday.  The pair were seen last on Monday the day they rented the Jet Ski and went to the sea and ever since their whereabouts are not known.  The police said that they were both wearing life jackets.

The Jet Ski employee who later contacted other Jet Ski businesses to search for them noticed their absence.  The result was terrifying since neither the couple nor the Jet Ski itself was found which mystery remains until when the jet was found.

The watercraft is said to have been recovered by a French navy ship about 250 miles northwest of Barbados, off the coast of Guadeloupe.  This incident came as a shock that was later confirmed in a statement to CNN by Roy Morris, a press secretary to Barbadian Prime Minister Mia Mottley.  The report has led the US to Mottley’s office, reaching out for more information regarding the incident.

According to Nation news, the Barbados newspaper, the French authorities pass out the unfortunate discovery to the Barbados Coast Guard on Saturday.  The French authorities were sure to have found the Jet Ski that Barbados was searching. They assign a rescue operation team and a rescue boat to retrieve the sunken watercraft.

The Barbados prime minister’s secretary Morris played a significant role whereby he confirmed the watercraft registration number.  He was confident that the watercraft registration number was similar to that one rented to the two New Jersey couple. Magdalena Devil who was age 25 and Oscar Suarez age 32, near Holetown Beach in Barbados.  It was so unfortunate that ever since they rented the watercraft, they have never been seen.  

The Island prime minister said that she had met with the couple’s family the previous week and offered them a free flight to Barbados that was stated by the prime minister’s office.  They further said in a statement that. “Last Monday Prime Minister Mottley met with the families of the missing couple at Ilaro Court and expressed regret at the unfortunate events and invited them to return to this island anytime over the next year at Government’s expense if it would assist them in bringing closure to the matter.  Prime Minister Mia Mottley and Minister of Tourism Kerrie Symmonds have been informed of the discovery and local authorities will make immediate contact with the families to inform them of the development.” 

According to the Royal Barbados police, the jet ski operator becomes concern about 30 minutes later and alert other operators to look out for the pair.  Immediately, after the missing of Jet Ski on Jun 24. The Coast Guard and the local police conducted a search operation together with the U.S. Air Force.  However, after the recovery of the Jet Ski, the officials called off the search. Additionally, the search operation team had already covered over 600 miles.


The investigation concluded that Suarez and Devil had checked in at Discovery Bay Hotel in St. James early 22 June.  The couples had planned to leave the hotel the following week according to the hotel. It was so unfortunate they did not make it to the following week.

The couples are said to be together for almost a year before the misfortune incident.  The two couples relative and a friend who is Suarez’s cousin that goes by the name Reynaldo Huaman.  In an interview with said this after the couples went missing.

Huaman went ahead and emotionally express himself by adding that, “The families are still holding hope that we found some clues, some lead that gives us some sense of where they could have gone, anything that may tell us anything about their whereabouts.’’

The family started getting assistance from different fundraisers such as, GoFundMe page that provided financial support in search of Suarez and Devil.  The fundraising campaign equally gave all the distributions to the families to help in their needs, whether travel or a professional investigator to assist with the search.  The T-shirt sale act also supported the families to gather and raise enough money to help with the search. However, the Barbados officials canceled the investigation. The fact that the search was called off, it did not restrict the families from contacting the Barbados police hoping to find answers and get to know the whereabouts of their loved ones.

According to research, it does not take too long for missing people to be found.  Their cases remain open for a year or even more and some go even more than a year.  In the meantime, as the families and friends of Suarez and Devil are waiting, they must live with uncertainty and hope of finding what happened to their beloved Suarez and Devil.