If you are a traveling lover and love to spend on expensive clothes, accessories, and gadgets that last no longer than ten years but if you spend on traveling, you might spend on the memories that last with you for life. It’s the experience you will pay for that you’ll remember, but not the stuff you bought, so if you have sufficient money to spend why to blow money on the unnecessary travel expenses. If you are saving every single penny from your budget, you need to be keen on planning vacations. Either it’s cheap flights to Melbourne or 3-star hotels in Singapore. Everywhere you can save money. So plan your adventurous trip without breaking your banks with these travel tips.

1- Decide where you want to travel initially
For the grand tour at the lowest prices, the first and far most important thing is to prioritize the places you want to go to. Analyze your choices and understand your will. Either you will be able to live in a hostel because most of your time will be spent in sightseeing. Will you be able to make your breakfasts and other meals yourself or visit a hotel. Check out is the budget airline flies to your destination. There’s no need to feel completely deprived. Just choose your binge wisely and make sure that it fits in your budget.

2- Book cheap flights
If you are done with deciding the destination check out the cheap flights that fly to your destination. The airfare is the first or the second most expensive part of your trip. But there are enormous ways to get cheap flights. If you have planned your visit, try to book your tickets in advance. You can get advanced tickets, mostly at affordable prices. Or you can also book your tickets in off-seasons. If you are traveling in a slightly less convenient time, you can have a much better price. So, traveling in the off-season will not only help you save money but will also help you to avoid the touristy crowds. Try to search airlines along with their destinations to analyze between the various travel options and to opt for the economic one wisely.

3- Find a free or economical place to stay
If you are traveling to any situation where you feel you have friends and family members. Ask them if they would welcome you to stay at home. Or ask them for one spare bed just for night time even. In case if you don’t know anyone in your destination, use the internet to find a free place to stay. Yet many people can go for CouchSurfing, where you can have a free couch, bed, or space on the floor. You can also go for a cheap accommodation option if you’re willing to stay in a dorm-style room.

4- Go for cheap food items
In traveling, enjoying the latest food items is always fun, especially when they are traditional. Trying new food is still fantastic, but having three times a meal a day for a week would be costly in another city, country. So, how would you be able to get the best experience while emptying your wallet. You can enjoy the street foods that can only grab your few dollars or even less. Food trucks are also trendy in many countries these days and offering the best. Choose the cheap seats to sit. In some countries like France, if you drink your espresso while standing at the bar while costing you less than if you sit at the table. So, analyze the rituals of every country and plan your food items accordingly.

5- Go for the tips and discounts
Most of the museums and attractions offer certain days of the year when entrance is free to anyone. And sometimes the entrance fee is charged as the “suggested fee” where you can pay the amount you wish to pay. Utilize the student cards and discount cards where applicable. Sometimes, you can also have leverage on payments from certain hotels, restaurants, resorts, and brands on the use of credit cards to some limit.

6- Join travel reward programs
The airlines are shifting towards the revenue-based loyalty programs; you can earn points based on how the amount you are spending instead of how many miles you are flying. No doubt, it may takes longer to get the free flight, but why not try it. If you are new to the program, free sign up. You may be able to earn free reward points in bonus for opening up a travel rewards credit card. Such travel rewards are not limited to the airlines; hotels have them too. You can also go on a wide variety of purchases through the loyalty program’s partners.

With a little advanced and flexible planning and with the right attitude, you can easily have your dream to explore experiences. Cheap traveling is right for you as it is suitable for your wallet. So, prioritize your joy and desire, start looking for your next adventure to enjoy.