The Mexican Gulf is bound to feature one of the most significant evolving storms that is likely to wreak havoc not only within the designated environment but in its surroundings as well. Recently, the storm system has advanced to become the Tropical Storm Barry. 

The National Hurricane Center announced that the storm would come as the second named storm of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season. Floods, a hurricane, may characterize the evolving storm, and it has a 90% chance of developing into something tropical. 

Tropical Storm Barry is expected to ruin travel plans for individuals over the weekend. Airlines are also trying to minimize the effects the storm will have on their budget with individuals cancelling or postponing their travel plans.  

While this is sad news for the residents due to the foreseen damage to property and lives, it is also a significant hit for the travel industry. As of the 13th, the storm is expected to hit the Louisiana coast accompanied by a possible hurricane. 

As predicted by a meteorologist, it has come as a slow-moving storm at speeds of 5 mph. This concept translates to its potential to dump tremendous amounts of rain, considering that it is bound to linger over the coast over more extended periods. Some of the areas under threat will include New Orleans, eastern Louisiana, parts of Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, as well as the Florida Panhandle as predicted by the AccuWeather. 

There is the 90% likelihood of the storm developing into a tropical depression as provided by the National Hurricane Center. A Tropical Weather Outlook from the center says: 

“A broad low pressure area located over the northeastern Gulf of Mexico about 100 miles south-southwest of Apalachicola, Florida, is producing widespread cloudiness and disorganized showers and thunderstorms. Environmental conditions are conducive for development of this system, and a tropical depression is expected to form.” After the announcement, an Air Force Reserve Unit was scheduled to investigate the disturbance. 

However, the center is more cautious in the forecast. In this, whether the storm turns into a tropical cyclone or not, there will be heavy rainfall in the northern and eastern US Gulf Coast as the week comes to an end. The amount of rain is dependent on the duration the storm will churn 

A tweet from Kathryn Prociv about the storms ability to flood the coast said, “This could be very scary. The Mississippi River at Banton Rouge is also in major flood stage.” 

Impact of the Storm on Air Travel 

Tropical Storm Barry is expected to hit Louisiana as a category 1 hurricane over the weekend. As such, airlines are beginning to offer travel waivers to persons with flight reservations. Looking at the travel industry operating in the region, many airlines are already postponing flights. Persons planning to travel through an airport on the Gulf coast over the weekend should keep a tab on the weather changes. Monitoring the storm’s development will help travelers to determine whether they should travel or postpone. 

As such, some flight companies are already issuing waivers for persons who already booked flights and made payment. The fee waivers will open different routing options for travelers with a tight schedule. Individuals with a flexible travel schedule can change their travel plans for later. 

The waivers allow individuals who had previous travel reservations to change their reservations without a fee attachment. However, travelers are provided with a deadline within which they can make the changes. Some of the airlines that are already offering waivers include American, Jetblue, Southwest, and United. It is expected that other airlines will follow suit. 

United Airlines travel waivers will cover more than twelve airports along the Gulf Coast up until the 14th. The Southwest Airlines is offering waivers for Panama City Beach and Pensacola, Florida up until the 13th. Those traveling to or from Corpus Christi, Texas, and Houston can get their waiver valid up to the 14th. Those travelling through New Orleans have their waiver deadline on the 15th

Those flying via Spirit airlines have airline waivers that cover Houston and New Orleans up to the 14th. From Jet Blue, waivers will affect persons travelling to and from New Orleans until the 14th as well. The Frontier Airlines will provide a waiver for persons travelling to and from Houston, Jackson, Mississippi Louisiana, Lafayette, and New Orleans.  

The above are but a few of the airlines and their waiver coverage. Everyone travelling within the provided areas with other airlines can confirm with their service providers on the waiver deadlines. On the other hand, individuals who are planning to travel over the weekend and need to book a flight are highly recommended to purchase their tickets via credit cards that offer solid trip protections. 

The weather is uncertain, and all major airlines covering the Gulf region have opted out during the weekend and even further depending on the progress of the storm.