Add Featured Hotels

To add up to 8 featured hotels on the front page template, please first create your hotel posts like you did your destination page.  In you hotelscombined affiliate account go to Text Links->Hotel Pages and search for the hotel you want to highlight.  Next you should then see the url to copy once again.  Copy [...]

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Add Featured/Top Destinations

Add Featured Destinations You have the option of showing up to 12 destinations to highlight on your front page.  The demo shows three.  You can choose to hide this entire section as well. To add a destination, go to Add Featured Destination from the right sidebar area.  You will want the title to be the [...]

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How to change color of site

This guide will tell you how can you change the color of the website , menu , background and other . Login to Wp Admin and then on left panel click TAG >>Design option   Now in Basic color setting and background color setting tab you can set all color customization of site .

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Adding a Hotel Listings Page

You can add a hotel listings page that opens up the hotels combined home page inside a frame on your site if you wish, like as seen in our demo. First create a new page and select the template called Iframe Template.  Next paste your hotels combined home page affiliate url in the field at [...]

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Adding a Car Rentals Page

Adding a car rentals page is similar to as above. First create a new page and select the page template called Car Rental Template.  This will create the default page with the car search. If you want your own affiliate tracking, proceed to your DoHop area like above in the Flight section.  This time proceed [...]

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Adding a Flight Search Page

Adding a flight search page is very easy. First create a new page and select the page template Flight Template.  The page will be ready with default flight search. To add your own affiliate tracking you will need to first signup as a Do Hop affiliate here: http://whitelabel.dohop.com.  Once you are ready to go, proceed [...]

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