This tutorial will guide how to configure your site hotel age and tab to your hotelscombined affiliate account provide branding link so that you can get paid .

1) Login to your cpanel or control panel account , where you have to set the cname record .


put in name field as ” hotels ” and rest it will taken by your panel and like like this ” ” & in cname filed put as

2) Now login to your hotelcombine affiliate account 

and click this link and button ..


3) Click >> Create a simple private brand


4) Now login to your Travel Affiliate Website wp admin which we provided you

Create a new page  name what ever you want as  or  edit the hotel page already .. then on left panel in template tab select as iframe Template


Now go towards down and in iframe template option tab put your private branded url we have created like this ”

Save it and all set now your site is ready to generate income using hotel combine affiliate