To add up to 8 featured hotels on the front page template, please first create your hotel posts like you did your destination page.  In you hotelscombined affiliate account go to Text Links->Hotel Pages and search for the hotel you want to highlight.  Next you should then see the url to copy once again.  Copy that url.

Add a new hotel page by clicking the Featured Hotels Post type and add new.   Add the featured image, short summary text as well as title for your hotel.  Towards the bottom you will see the fields, city, hotel rating, from price, and url to paste from your affiliate program.  Enter all of these fields.

Go back to your front page template and edit the page.

Next, scroll down the the Home Page Template Options area.  Go through each of these options to customize the front page.  You can change section titles, show different amount of hotels and destinations by picking them from the dropdown.