Add Featured Destinations

You have the option of showing up to 12 destinations to highlight on your front page.  The demo shows three.  You can choose to hide this entire section as well.

To add a destination, go to Add Featured Destination from the right sidebar area.  You will want the title to be the destination title to display.  Add a featured image for the destination as well as a short sent ace or few words to show on the front page as well.

Next, you will want to add the affiliate url for this destination from hotels combined affiliate.  To find this url inside the affiliate program, go to Affiliate Links->Text Links.  Click on destination page and find the destination you want to display hotels for.  You should then be given a url to copy for that destination, copy that.

Next, paste that in the custom field area and the bottom of the destination page:


Go back to your front page template and edit the page.

Next, scroll down the the Home Page Template Options area.  Go through each of these options to customize the front page.  You can change section titles, show different amount of hotels and destinations by picking them from the dropdown.