Although the National Weather Services had advised people to expect drops in temperatures many didn’t foresee the current situations on the ground. In Eastern US the week started with temperatures falling significantly after taking over from the snowy weekend witnessed.

A weather forecast from the National Weather Services has shown that the Northeast residents should brace themselves for the coming drop in temperatures. According to the forecast, temperatures would drop below 20 and will be accompanied by winds chills and wind gust. The latter will come at speeds of 30 mph while the former will reach minus 40 degrees. For Vermont and New York -4 degrees Celsius.

On the other hand according to meteorologist Adam Gill the Northeast region which is the highest point of the mountain temperatures will fall to minus 23 degrees on Monday. But later on during the day, the temperatures will drop significantly. Although winds gusts will be between 40 to 30 mph, they are enough to create wind chills. For a region which holds the record for the strongest ever recorded wind, the latter is more than enough to create wind chills reaching highs of minus 55 and with the lowest point being 50 degrees. Adam Gill is a meteorologist based in Hampshire working in the Mount Washington Observatory. His advice to the residents is cover yourself completely. The little-exposed skin on your fingers will become cold faster than expected.

Harsh Weather bring Havoc and Death

Apart from making travelling a nightmare the severe weather also brought death and destruction. Reports are coming in from different places of people losing their lives in separate incidences. There were reports of multiple deaths during the longest holiday weekend Martin Luther King Jr holiday. Further on in Chicago where temperatures were minus 10 Celsius (14 degrees), one girl lost her life while her friend was hospitalized after snow fort fell on them when they were playing. The incidence occurred on Sunday in Illinois Arlington Heights the girl was only 12 years old. The two were playing outside Rothem church and were found under the snow after an hour search after family members noticed they were missing.

For Connecticut residents, the harsh weather not only brought death but also caused a massive blackout. On Sunday 25,000 homes in Connecticut had to endure the cold weather plus power outages. In Middleton, a utility firm subcontractor wasn’t so lucky after a tree struck him while working on the power line. In some areas, the temperatures dropped sharply and reached below zero making the situation worse. Later on Monday, only 12,000 homes were out of the darkness with the remaining families having to cope with the situation. While issuing a statement concerning the incidence Governor Ned Lamont tweeted;

“The Sunday’s incidence should be a reminder to all of us of how brave these women and men are and the danger they go through to ensure we have the basic services. Others are still working on this harsh weather, and I urge you to join me in acknowledging them in their work. And also send our thoughts and condolences to the family that lost a loved one.”

Other deaths were reported in Kansas and Wisconsin further raising the number of people who lost their lives. In Wisconsin, two people died with one aged 91 years old while the other was a 59-year man. According to the Medical Examiner’s Office in Milwaukee County, the two collapsed and died after removing snow on Sunday both died in different places. On the Kansas incidence, it’s believed a snowplow driver lost his life after driving into a shoulder. The vehicle rolled over throwing the driver under the vehicle.

Flights Cancelled

With the harsh weather conditions continuing preventive measures in place kicked in leading to over 1600 flights being cancelled on Sunday. On Monday the situation was a bit better according to Flight Aware only 350 flights were cancelled. Normal services resumed on Monday with Amtrak tasked with restoring the services. Furthermore, in New England the situation there wasn’t good heavy snow lead to grounding of planes at Boston Logan International Airport on Sunday. The winter storm being experienced in New England made the situations harder with the areas experiencing freezing rain, sleet and snow. The conditions made travelling difficult and also caused power outages. With no power, New England residents can’t heat their homes making the situation unbearable. Moreover, on Monday the conditions weren’t better with snowstorm blocking the roads again making it harder to repair power lines and restore power.

As weather conditions keep on worsening the results might be catastrophic. The damages might be more and deaths might also rise. For those affected the essence now is to try and stay alive by wearing warm clothes. With time the storm will subside, and life will continue as usual.