Nobody doesn’t love free stuff be it money, gifts, coupons or just awards from different programs that we participate in. The programs are many and in any place in the 21st century. Besides being free, they are also a marketing scheme by various businesses. But when on vacation anywhere how do you lock in these free stuff? Remember taking a vacation can be expensive and drain your bank account. 0n top of choosing the right moment to travel and looking for great deals another way to reduce your overall spending during travel is to use your credit card and earn points. The points are redeemable and get you access to other great deals such as free room stays or flights. Below are credit travel card hacks you can use to earn those points.

Get the Right Card

First thing first is to arm yourself with one card that suits your needs and wants and corresponds with your bank account. Here there are several factors as a potential cardholder should take into consideration before signing up for a credit card. They include interest rates, types of rewards available, the distribution of points, and fees charged annually. There are a lot of companies offering credit cards, and each comes with own share of factors. Although they provide the same services competition is stiff, and some might have more benefits than others. Take your time to analyze several cards while comparing them then pick one.

Similar while looking for a credit card also consider choosing a card that doesn’t charge international fees. If you love going for your vacations in different countries, a credit card that charges international transactional fees will poke holes in your bank account. So choose one that doesn’t charge its client’s transaction fees when using the cards internationally.

Subscribe to Loyalty and Reward Programs

The primary goal here is to get points and joining loyalty and reward programs in one way you can get these points/rewards. Look for airlines with excellent reward or loyalty programs that will land you into free flights. Go for airlines that you frequently use to increase your points when you pay with your credit card. Apart from airlines there are also travel destinations, and hotel reward programs available. Join each to accumulate more points. Signing up for these programs might also lead to been awarded more points. The bonuses might be available for an extended period which means more points.

Use your Card More Often

The main idea here is to build up your points and lock the free stuff in your cards. To achieve your goal use your credit card more often. In addition to that after using your card to purchase items try your level best to pay back quickly. The latter will help you to avoid paying huge interests. Furthermore also consider using your card when making huge purchases. The huge purchases translate to more points.

While making your purchases with your travel credit cards, please use online shopping portals. The latter guarantees you more points every time you buy something through online portals. For instance, Chase shopping customers get more points when they shop at Bloomingdales. From these online portals, cardholders earn points when they purchase any travel item or when they buy anything through the online portals.

Look Out For Deals

To entice the use of the credit cards the card companies have come with unique ideas all tailored to their customers. From these deals, the cardholders earn double points every time they use the card to pay. The arrangements vary from one company to the next. But they are too good to pass. For instance, some cardholders stand to get double points when they dine out and pay with their cards. Like mentioned above using your card when shopping online might earn you more points in this case double points. Others include buying grocery or fueling your car with gas and paying with your card. Apart from all these deals credit cards companies also do promotions. During the promotions, customers stand to get more points during certain periods. Promotions run for some time so always be on the lookout

Other Ways to Get those Points

Another way cardholders can increase their points is using the card with their spouses. This will translate to the two of you utilizing your card well while at the same time are doubling your points. But before adding your spouse make sure you have agreed not to go on shopping spree. Having an understanding will help you manage your card usage properly.

Further on you can also refer friends to your credit card company. Based on your experience and understating of your credit card company getting your friend to join you will be easy. And through them acquiring a credit card for themselves through your referral link you get points.

The above are just simple and easy ways you can maximize your card earn points and get free flights stays or even get your whole trip paid off. But remember to use your card carefully.