We have now activating in our site as digital marketing package in which we will promote your site using facebook to get good amount of trageted traffic to your iste so that you can get some good buyer ..

But we cant guarantee this will lead to sales ..but we can grantee we have get good targeted traffic  ..

What we will do it

The best media to market the product on priority are Facebook and Google. The facebook already attracts a lot of traffic and hence we can use it to effectively divert them to our website


 Facebook already has a lots of traffic. What we need to do is to target some quality traffic and bring them to our website. For doing that, we need to target people on the basis of their interest. We need to create a customs audience with the interest in travelling, Holidaying etc. For that we will work on creating an audience by using the Facebook’s Advance tool in Advert Manager. Here we will also be targeting those people who have been following and pages of websites like expedia and trivago etc. Being a bigger brand in similar domain, they must be having a lots of follower who might actually be interested in a comparison of deals across various platform.
The reason for suggesting Facebook as a brand for promoting is because there are lots of bigger brands who have spent more than 80% of their marketing budget on Facebook and have done tremendously well. Take Oneplus as an example. They have created a lots of buzz in the market and infact have generated lots of sale only by using this single medium.
While the Google Organic traffic makes a lot of sense and would definitely bounds to deliver the result in the long run and I surely would suggest you to do the same if you have time to do a bit of research on the popular keywords and then writing an article using those keywords. This is exactly how the brands like tripadvisor are diverting a lots of traffic to their website. The content plays a major part here. If you want we can also write content for you. We will do a proper planning of the keywords which are used frequently in an specific areas by using various tools and then will use them to write articles on various travel related topics.

Coming back to Facebook and the no. of traffic it can drive to the website,We  increase your reach to around 1500 daily (initially, since we do not have a fan base on facebook) and that will on an average, you can expect to reach more than 25000 people in a month. Initially, its tough to predict how many of them would actually be coming on to the website, but chances are quite high that if you are reaching out to so many people and continuously hammering them, some of them who might be traveling to some place, might just try using your website to compare the rates and if the rates are genuinely low, they might also book through your portal. As of now, since we are just starting off with a small budget and a fairly new brand, its though to predict the traffic. But be rest assured that the only way you can increase the traffic to your website is by Increasing the reach first and that is exactly what we will try to do here.

would spend upon designing the banner by doing the research across various website in the same domain and finding out deals where our deals are better than the competitors and than designing the banner by promoting the same deals. For an Example, We find out that a particular hotel at Las Vegas listed on our website is being offered at a better price, we will create a Creative Design, promoting the same and it could be something like– “Planning a trip to Las Vegas?? Book your hotel through us and get the best Rates” kind of a theme with a creative which will induce viewer to click on to that link and come to our website.
However for both the above mentioned activities, I would personally suggest, to give a time period of 3 months, before expecting some great results as it works like a slow poison, but once it gains momentum, its one of the most economical and effective medium to promote your product.
One more example
We have handled quite a few clients across various domain. Just to take an example is one of our recent client is Club Mahindra. We do a lead generation campaign for them. Over the period of time, the page has a total Fan following of 1,434,758. They are mainly into timeshare industry and we need to divert a lot of traffic to their website so as to generate the lead of the prospective buyers. If you would check the alexa ranking of their website i.e. its ranked at 3121 in India. The site attracts daily unique visitor of 20000+. Obviously, their budget for doing so is much bigger & thats why its well diversified.

What included

Facebook Creatives (10 per month – 1 in every 3 days): Based of research and comparison with other sites in the same domain.
Paid Boost on Facebook to divert the traffic on to the website
short articles of 500-600 words using 1-2 long tail keywords so that the content quality remains good.( 30 /month)


This will cost $199/month till time you continue subscription