Kidnap insurance is a kind of insurance coverage that is set to protect individuals from the risk of kidnapping. In often cases, this kind of insurance covers other events related to kidnapping, such as extortion. Since it comes with protection for several other such cases, it is at times referred to as Kidnap and Ransom Insurance (K$R Insurance).

In case the policy holder gets kidnapped, he/she is compensated for the money paid as ransom, counselling, and medical expenses etc. Such insurances are mostly used for individuals or companies that operate in risky areas such as Mexico, the Middle East and Indonesia; however they are still quite important even for those working in safe areas.

Kidnap travel insurance is on the other hand quite unique while it does quite the same thing as other kidnap insurances; it also provides leading crisis management support services. It also focuses on ransom, kidnap and extortion demands.

Basically, the coverage included in a kidnap and ransom travel insurance include;

  • Death and dismemberment coverage and other kind of coverage related to corporate kidnapping , including recall costs, ransom or extortion payments, consultant costs and business interruption costs
  • Coverage for financial losses due to kidnapping, extortion, or ransom demands while also providing leading crisis management support services.
  • Corporate liability protection against employee theft, forgery, or robbery of corporate assets.

Apparently, not all travel insurance plans offer coverage for kidnapping and ransom coverage, but those that do, offer an average coverage of between $5,000 and $10,000. According to experts, the least amount for ransom coverage should be $50,000 with $1,000,000 for some individuals. For businesses and corporations however, the amount varies depending on the net worth of the kidnapped individual or the value of a business. Basically, the minimum should be $1 million to $10 million.

So why do you need kidnapping insurance for travel?

Well, kidnapping for ransom is a lucrative business and for that reason, the number of kidnappings across the world keeps rising each day. A good example is the Nigeria Travel Advisory issued by the United States. The travel advisory warned individuals to reconsider travelling to Nigeria due to the high rise in piracy, terrorism, and kidnapping. If you travel to certain parts of the world you could end up being a target, kidnapping insurance for travel will protect you against possible abduction. Such insurance covers expenses related to kidnapping, extortion, hijacking or even detention.

According to Rajeev Shrivastava, the CEO of, a travel insurance site,

“Any traveller who is venturing to or doing business in an area of the globe that is a known hotspot for civil unrest, economic instability or recent clashes between citizens and law enforcement or the military should consider securing kidnapping, ransom and terrorism insurance.’’

In case of abduction, kidnapping insurance for travel offers experts who are well trained to secure proof of life. They know when to and when not to call the police and how to negotiate with the kidnappers to make sure the victim(s) is safe.

This leads to the question, who exactly is entitled to a kidnapping insurance for travel? Well, there’s a whole list of candidates;

  • Any business whose directors, officers or employees travel abroad or who have offices overseas
  • Prominent people or high net worth individuals
  • Entertainment companies
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Non-Government organisations that work abroad
  • Financial institutions
  • Educational institutions that offer study abroad programs or day care facilities

Some of the best kidnap and ransom travel insurance companies include;

  1. Global Underwriters -This is an employer-sponsored plan set to protect employees travelling abroad against financial loss due to kidnapping. The platform offers 24/7 assistance services and a maximum coverage of up to $50,000,000 in case of death and dismemberment, recall costs, ransom or extortion payments and even business interruption costs. This insurance coverage does not offer protection for employee’s travel risks it only covers the employer.
  2. Travel Insurance Services -This insurance company offers highly specialized plan that is majorly for high-profile individuals and companies with employees who travel internationally. It specifically offers corporate and not individual coverage.
  3. com –This platform offers a kidnap and ransom insurance plan with no age limit and a coverage of up to 1 year. Basically, it covers loss of ransom during delivery, ransom reimbursement, private negotiator expenses, repatriation coverage, travel expenses and loss of income coverage.

Limitations of kidnapping insurance for travel

Kidnapping insurance has limits for ransom amounts and several other benefits as well, therefore it is important to check with your insurance company. Also many kidnapping insurance policies do not offer 24/7 assistance, whereas others only provide coverage for a maximum number of days –usually based on the number of days of travel for each trip.

Political considerations are also a limitation; for example, K&R coverage generally doesn’t apply if the United States has imposed sanctions on a country, such as North Korea or Iran.