Taking a vacation to relax and unwind is a rejuvenating experience that many of us take for granted but it’s worth the time and effort. But the question is where do you travel to and while there what are the must-see sites, where will you stay among many more. To get a glimpse of the top tourist destination sites read on.

First and foremost it’s quite easy to get information concerning any travel destination across the globe from the internet. There are several websites which have in-depth information concerning the travel destinations across the world. From these sites travellers get information starting from where to go, where to stay, where to eat, activities to participate in, things to avoid and must-see sites. Some of the websites are detailed enough and contain information concerning prices for hotels, food, activities and even travelling plans.


Architectural lovers would feel there are at the top of the world when they visit Hampi India. Hampi which was once among the wealthiest cities in the world is now full of sites which are a must see by architectural lovers. Located in the Southwestern state of Karnataka in Hampi there are palaces, forts, Hindu temples stone monuments which are well reserved. The sites are spread across a 16-mile radius near the Tungabhadra River. Travelling to the sites has been made possible by TruJet which has daily flights available from Bangalore and Hyderabad. During your visit, you can stay at the Kishkinda Camp or the Evolve Back Kamalpura Palace. Apart from visiting the architectural site alternative activities for visitors include basket boat rides in river jaunts and rock climbing tours.

Famous LA SAGRADA FAMILIA in Barcelona

Beside the architectural features in Hampi La Sagrada Familia church is a must visit site that is still under construction 100 years later. The work of Antoni Gaudi Catalan Spanish architect is not a site to miss and will be worth your time. The fact that the church is still under construction is a wonder, but the structure itself will blow your mind. For a visit inside you will be required to pay a few Euros but it will be worth it. Besides that, other buildings designed by Antoni are available downtown and taking a stroll will be worth your time. The buildings are amazing.

Macho Picchu

Photography lovers would fall in love with the lost city of Macho Picchu in Peru. The fantastic and magnificent photos you see online will come to life once you visit Peru and take a hike to the top of Mountain Andes. The hike will be challenging, but in groups, you will feel motivated and reach the top. Once on top, you will be amazed by the views.

Travel to Chile

Chile is one country that is full of activities that many would love. But wine lovers would feel at home by starting their visit at Colchagua Valley. Once in the valley take your test bugs on a wine tasting experience and finish off your visit by learning more about the vineyards. Besides that, you can take a walk down memory lane with a guide and learn more about the Mapuche culture. After the culture lessons, you can finish your visit in Chile by participating in other activities such as water rafting, visit the Moon Valley National park, take a tour of the Atacama Desert or visit Pablo Neruda home.


Egypt is one country that is full of historical sites that are mind blowing staring with the pyramids to the tombs, Nile tours, the temple of Philae among many more. Besides that the ancient craft surrounding the construction of the pyramids and the king’s tombs is a wonder on its own, so rest assured visiting Egypt is worth it. There are high-end resorts available to cater for the accommodation of the tourists. Food and transportation is available and at fair prices. Other activities suitable for tourists include deep sea fishing, horse riding, sailing, windsurfing and scuba diving all available at the Hurghada in the Red Sea resort.


Dubai is an arid place that has reinvented itself as the centre of business but also a place to have fun and have some relaxing time with your family. Starting with visiting Burj Khalifa, explore the Palm Jumeirah, spend some time at the Dubai beaches, take a tour into the desert and spend a night in the desert among many more. Besides that, you can finish off your visit in Dubai with going on a shopping sphere in the high-end malls or end with a walk in Dubai’s underwater zoo and aquarium. The people are welcoming, and you will feel at home during your stay. For your accommodation, there are many hotels available to take care of your needs.

On the other hand, transportation isn’t an issue due to the many taxis available.

To more about the above tourist’s destination go online there are many websites with in-depth information. Furthermore, you can learn more about the destinations online.