After completing his studies in 2013 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2013, Drew Binsky decided to move to South Korea and teach. Armed with a double degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship with a double major degree Drew did the unthinkable and moved to South Korea to become a teacher of English. The latter didn’t sit well with his parents. While commenting on his move, Drew’s father said;

“With two degree my son ran off to teach English in another country?”

On the other hand, his mother Ellen was surprised by his son’s decision since she didn’t expect his son would ever move to work abroad. While commenting on his son’s decision, Ellen said;-

“You know we are very traditional we send our kids to university, and we expect them to come back to Arizona armed with their degree and join their colleagues in the corporate sector. I didn’t expect my son will move and work outside the US.”

Though his parents were against the idea of him moving to South Korea to teach English, his career took a different turn. From teaching English, Drew translated to a blogger and progressed to making short travel videos. The latter has led to him creating awesome videos that have granted him 500 million views online. Within two years Drew had made a name for himself built a brand, and now he is reaping from his decision of venturing off and starting something new.

Drew Made $154,000 from His Marketing Avenues

Through his marketing activities online and brand partnerships Drew was able to make $154,000 last year which is much more than what most people in the corporate sector make. For Drew being an influencer for firms such as and pushing their advertising pieces of YouTube and Facebook was beneficial for him leading to him making $154,000 last year. Though his salary varies from time to time, his earnings can be at highs of $30,000 while on the lower side $1,000. The latter goes hand in hand with the number of views got from a video with more views leading to high returns. Though Drew motivation doesn’t revolve on making money his passion is on traveling.

During his travels, while making travel videos, Drew tries his best to keep his traveling expenses on the lower side to break even when it comes to making profits. So far he has traveled to 163 countries worldwide. However, he plans to create one video per day.

“It takes hard work commitment and perseverance.” Drew “You can’t just wake up in the morning and poof you are a professional golfer after one PGA tour. It’s the same to me as a content creator. I can’t make it overnight after one successful video.”

Drew Success Came After A Few Years

While overseas, Drew first worked as a teacher turn blogger but went into content creation later on where he had a travel blog up and running. At first, the travel blog didn’t pay much. Alongside running the blog, Drew also posted videos of his travels across the globe on his Snapchat account. His breakthrough came when he posted videos of his trip from North Korea and got 10 million views from his posts leading to his career taking off.

With his success evident in his finances from last year which stood at $154,000 questions such as when are you coming back to look for a job in the corporate sector from his mother are now a thing of the past. His parents Ellen and Danny have now accepted that their son isn’t getting a job in the corporate sector anytime soon to the point that his father Danny said;-

“It’s astonishing how the current generation is figuring things out, five, six, ten years ago what my son is currently doing didn’t exist at all.”

Although at first, his parents weren’t of the idea of their son moving abroad, through their son they have also been able to travel overseas. “We had never left the US, but now we are traveling to places such as Thailand and Vietnam. The travels have opened our lives to various cuisines, cultures, and areas.” Ellen.

Social media is a new avenue that is giving firms together with individuals a channel to generate income through promoting businesses which leads to them generating revenue from these activities. On the other hand, it’s helping individuals such as Drew create a brand which turns to a business leading to them making an income from their marketing services. For Drew through marketing other businesses and posting his travel videos has helped him generate $154,000 last year. Now he has a brand coined out of his name Drew Binsky. As his parents accept what he is currently doing it makes him happy and also motivates him to work harder.