Kenya is a high-end tourist destination that generates billion in revenue for the country. But in recent years the country has been mannered with terror attacks which affect the sector significantly. But with the 14 Riverside terror attack having come to an end with many lives saved the West haven’t issued travel advisories to their citizens like before.

Instead, the governments led by the United States and the UK  only urged their citizens to be more vigilant while in Nairobi. The former just advised its citizens to be vigilant but are free to go on with making their travel arrangements. Similarly, Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth office followed suit and did the same. The latter office went ahead and gave its citizens a free pass to visit esteem tourist sites in Kenya such as beach resorts, wildlife conservancies and reserves, and national parks. Furthermore, Britons are free to bask in the sun at beaches in Manda Island, Lamu Island, Diani, Watamu, Kilifi, Malindi, and Mombasa. Although the 14 Riverside terror attack caused the lives of at least 21 people and others injured the number of people saved stood at 700. Among those who weren’t so lucky include two foreigners one Briton and the other an American citizen.

14 Riverside Attack wasn’t like any other

This time around the Kenyan authorities’ response team and security agents were more than ready to handle the issue professionally. Within minutes of the attack, area 14 Riverside and its environments were corded off with only ambulances and Special Forces personnel having access. Unlike the Westgate Shopping Center attack which claimed lives of 67 people in 2013, the 14 Riverside attack didn’t lead to many losing their lives.

Moreover, there is no issuance of travel advisories which means the tourism sector won’t be affected at all. The 2013 attack not only claimed lives but also caused losses in the tourism sector. Furthermore, the significant drop in tourist dollars caused revenue to drop sharply from Sh94 billion to Sh84.6 billion with the former figure representing earnings from 2013 with the last earnings for the year 2014. The sharp drop also caused some business operators in the sector to close shop.

But later the sector performance grew, and the earnings increased. The following years the Kenya tourism sector generated 120 billion with a significant increase been witnessed in 2017 where the industry generated sh157 billion. The increase in revenue in the tourism industry represents a 37% growth which is the biggest ever in the sector has ever experienced in 10 years. Besides just having a significant growth in the tourism sector Kenya showed it wouldn’t crumble to the feet of terrorism with the reopening of Westgate Mall on 18 July 2015. The mall was reopened with top-notch security features installed to curb any attacks that might occur. But this time around terror group Al Shabaab picked another location 14 Riverside which is in the same neighborhood with Westgate Mall. Besides escaping the jaws of travel advisory, the Kenyan shilling strength didn’t drop in stocks. Instead, it gained further depicting the Kenyan economy is strong. But one may ask why is Kenya experiencing terror attackers now and then.

The presence of the Kenyan army in war-torn Somalia is the main reason that is forcing the Al Shabaab to stage attacks in Kenyan soil. Besides that, the Kenyan military is working hand in hand with Amison forces to support the UN-backed Somalian government. The spillage of the attacks on the Kenyan soil is the effects of Al Shabaab trying to cause catastrophic failures in the Kenyan economy. And with launching attacks in the capital city, the results will lead to travel advisories which in turn led to loses in the tourism sector. Furthermore, the aim of the Al Shabaab is to cause panic and confusion which will lead to more problems. Besides that, other Al Shabaab objectives include sending a message to the world. But in their recent attack, the Al Shabaab seems to have a hard time with the police responding a timely manner. The fatalities were low, and the terrorists were corned inside the buildings within hours. Moreover, while the area was being cordoned off paramedics, the Red Cross, civilian gun holders together with the police came together to help the victims of the attacks. It is through coming together and working as a nation that helped to avoid more people from losing their lives. With everything going back to normal Kenya is forging ahead. The tourism sector isn’t affected at all and tourist can fly in at any moment to enjoy their vacations with the Kenya government assuring them the country is safe.

14 Riverside is a complex building that housed international companies. Some of the foreign companies are Thai group Dusit Thani owners of the dusitD2 hotel, Dow Chemical and SAP, Pernod Richard, and Colgate Palmolive.