After Iceland’s epic win over England last night, Icelanders from around the world (and newly acquired Team Iceland fans) are using Dohop (our flight partner) to get to Paris for the July 3 match against hosting team France.

Over 71,000 Team Iceland Fans Dohop to France

Over 71,000 Team Iceland fans hit the Our Partner travel search engine during and immediately after the 2-1 Iceland vs. England match last night.

Best connecting cities

Other than the obvious routes (i.e. direct to Paris from your home airport), crafty fans are looking beyond Paris, using trains, planes and automobiles to get to the game on time.

London, Brussels and Luxembourg City are great alternate airport cities to consider, since all connect to Paris (or at least France) by train or car.

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Dohop Car rentals

If you want flexibility, hiring a rental car is one of the best options (ROAD TRIP!!!!) for getting to the match. Like our flight search engine, our rental car engine is loaded with the best and cheapest car rental options available.

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Where to stay in Paris

So, now that you have your flight and your ground transport, where are you going to stay?

TAG Hotel Search Engine will shows you the best hotel options at the best prices, from the cheapest hotels available to the best options to meet your need. You can spend more time prepping for the game, instead of worrying about where to rest your head after your team’s certain victory.

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Our partner Dohop is so proud to have helped thousands of fans, from Iceland and around the world, get to the European Championships (#Euro2016) this month.