In Argentina moving from one city to the next requires Argentina’s to have a SUBE card which is locally known as Sistema Único de Boleto Electrónico. By loading the card with cash, one can easily board a subway, train or a public bus after buying a ticket through the card. The SUBE cards are issued and operated by Alto Viaje. And now in its bid to make transportation more easy and convenient for all Alto Viaje has joined hands with Bitex, a major player in cryptocurrency sector in Argentina. Through its expertise in the industry coupled with its experience in developing fintech applications, Bitex is more than capable of integrating Alto Viaje platform to facilitate payment of transportation in Bitcoin.

With the platform up and running, users will be able to load up their SUBE cards with funds from their Bitcoin wallets and proceed to buy tickets for traveling through various public means of transport and be able to travel to over 37 different locations across Argentina. Some of the cities the SUBE card will enable you to travel to include Venado Tuerto, San Nicolás de los Arroyos, Roque Sáenz Peña, General Pueyrredón, Formosa, Comodoro Rivadavia, Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires, Rio Grande, Pergamino, Necochea, Catamarca, and San Juan. Through the platform, crypto enthusiasts will now be able to make transactions online and won’t have to visit kiosks, national lottery outlets, and various designated top-up stations to top up their cards. But for the non-tech savvy Argentina’s, PayPal and Rapigago payment platforms are available. While commenting on the new partnership Alto Viaje director, Luciano Verardo said,

“From where we seat as Alto this new partnership has come at a great time. Through Bitex expertise, we will be able to tap directly into the transportation sector and onboard bitcoin enthusiasts into our platform. Furthermore, through Bitex, we will be harnessing the power of blockchain and digital coins to provide not only secure but innovative payment options.”

On the other hand, Bitex CMO Manuel Beaudroit had this to say;

“Through blockchain, we believe we will be able to leverage its power to explore its possibilities and bring this disruptive technology to the people. Furthermore, we will be able to demonstrate the true value of the applications coming from blockchain in our lives.”

Apart from the two expressing their optimism towards the new project many more users both locally and international have praised the development being made to spearhead adopting of crypto. Among the many users who applauded the partnership is Changpeng “CZ” Zhao of Binance who tweeted;

“Through Alto and Bitex the crypto community has just bagged 7 million new users kudos to Argentina for working towards increasing crypto adoption. Now we need to convince them to use our platform but one step at a time.”

Bitex Brings in a Wealth in Knowledge and Expertise

Besides leveraging Bitex experience and expertise to their advantage, Alto Viaje will also benefit from Bitex infrastructure. Through Bitex API integration Alta Viaje will start offering its services immediately to its customers. And with the minimum charge in BTC pegged at 50 pesos more people will be able to afford the services 50 pesos was equivalent to 0.0004 BTC at publishing time. But overall a bus ticket in Argentina costs 18 dollars which is 0.00014 BTC. While the new partnership will help both parties achieve their dreams the 7 million Alto Viaje users will enjoy loading up their SUBE cards with their Bitcoins reserves. Moreover, the collaboration between the two firms will help fast-track the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Argentina.

Apart from now working with Alto Viaje, Bitex is also working with Banco Masventas. The two are in a working relationship whose aim is to facilitate cross border services to Argentina’s and residents in neighboring countries through BTC. Through their partnership residents in Latin America, North America and Europe can easily send funds in this case in BTC to recipients in Argentina. Apart from just enabling the transfer of digital coins across borders, the latter services have helped banks reduce the overall transaction costs. Similarly, the process has helped increase the overall transactional speeds.

While all the above projects are all geared towards making adoption of crypto faster, this process can’t be complete without having Bitcoin ATMs. The ATMs are the fastest and most efficient way of completing transactions in Bitcoin. And in Argentina two firms Athena Bitcoin and Odyssey Group have taken up the role of filling malls with Bitcoin ATMs. The former installed its first ATM at Recoleta Mall in September 2018 with another one up and running in Buenos Aires. On the other hand, the latter firm is working on having 150 Bitcoin ATMs installed across different cities. Apart from enabling user’s trade in BTC, the firms are working to have other alto coins the likes of Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin added.