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100% Automated WordPress or Php Hotel, Flight, Cruises, Rental Cars  & Amazon Store Search Engine Script

About Travel Affiliate Guru
( WordPress & Php Version )

Our WordPress or Php Travel Search Engine Script  is Fully automated, Self updating . All hotels are created auto. You don’t need to do it manually all done on fly .It’s include 2,360,426 hotels worldwide.

We have configured TAG WordPress & Php script to work with complete auto search for best flight, cruises and car rental price from different booking site . With this new Wp version we have added many new feature like home page to show Top Destination , Top Hotels and latest news . We have added a complete one click Amazon store where product are add automatically by just one click so that you can earn more money using Amazon affiliate. Also a Complete Video section to add travel related video .

TAG is full optimize with SEO, We submitted it to Google and it is crawling. You only promote it, get visitor and earn money.

Features Of Travel Affiliate Guru Script

Some Best feature Included…

Show Top Destination

we have configure to show 12 top destination in home page to attract customer . This destination can be set as per your need,  country or location preference and can set using WordPress admin panel

Top Hotels With Price

we have configure to show 8 top pick hotels with there respective price in home page to attract customer . This top hotels can be set as per your need,  country or location preference and can set using WordPress admin panel. 

Show Latest Articles

We have configured this section to show the latest article and also to show articles from any specific category and this can be configures using wp admin login panel easily

Full website Color Customization

We have provide a easy wp admin color panel option to set up color for every section of the website so to make your site look as you want

How Income is Generated ?

You will be paid as an affiliate for leads generated by visitors who are interested in searching for discounted hotel rates, Flight, Cruises, Rental Cars and other ..

You get paid regardless if someone books a room or not! The Affiliate tracking cookie will be valid for 365 days which means in case he comes to the site and register later, you will get paid for that lead as well. The flight search engine also pays per lead, at $0.40, with no booking compulsion.

Earn by

Pay Per Lead
Pay Per Booking
Pay Per Impression

Pay Per Lead
$0.05 to $2
Pay Per Booking
$10 to $12
Pay Per Booking
3% of total Booking Amount
Car   Rental
Pay Per Booking
$5 to $7
Amazon Store
Pay Per Sales
Upto 12%
Adsense/Banner ad
Pay per Click / Impression
As per adsense or ad network you use

Site also enabled With AdSense and other Advertising so you can Generate extra Revenue

All you need to do is promote it – more visitor more earning.

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