Top 8 Extraordinary Honeymoon Destinations in China

1. Yangtze Cruise China's most legendary water system, the Yangtze River, is best seen on a cruise. Enjoy your cruise trip - A great honeymoon idea that never goes out of style - With the luxury cruise and the best service

2. Tibet If you are looking for a special place for your honeymoon trip, we invite you to have a stay in Tibet. In the sacred and pure land of Tibet, there is always something fantastic to experience: sacred highland lakes, world-famous palaces.

3. Zhangjiajie What a pleasure to enter the magical land of Zhangjiajie. You will find a geomorphological structure of quartz and sandstone rare on earth. Zhangjiajie embraces the unique and incomparable natural environments with wonderfully

4. Fenghuang Old Town There, in that old town, the Tuo River is lined with wooden buildings on stilts; the stone paths are lined with shops and souvenir stalls and local restaurants, pubs and cafes with background music

5. Yangshuo Take a cruise along the scenic Li River to Yangshuo. With its relaxed atmosphere and incredible natural beauty mixed with oddly shaped karst hills, crystal clear waters and spectacular caves.

6. Hangzhou In addition to the beautiful West Lake, time-honoured temples and museums, newlyweds can also visit the Wuzhen Water Town. What a paradise! Also, you should not miss the Beijing Hangzhou

7. Kanas Lake A United Nations environmental official once said, "Kanas Lake is the last undeveloped and unused scenic resource on earth..." here, newlyweds will experience the scenery of the four seasons in one day.

8. Taklamakan Desert The Taklamakan Desert - "The Sea of Death" - is one of the most mysterious and alluring deserts in the world. A perfect desert landscape with an enchanting oasis, the majestic highway of the Tarim desert and millenary ensembles

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