Top 8  Best Winter Vacations in Europe

8 Turks & Caicos The winter months are the priciest times to visit this group of Caribbean islands

7 Costa Rica In December, most of Costa Rica ushers in its dry season, leaving only pleasant

6 Hanoi Vietnam's capital city offers beautiful weather come winter.

5 St. Lucia St. Lucia's superb winter weather (think: highs in the mid-80s and mostly

4 Galapagos Islands Winter in the Galápagos Islands is marked by warm weather (think: highs in the mid-80s)

3 Lucerne Whether you want to ski or get in the holiday spirit, Lucerne, Switzerland,

2 Sydney Sydney's summer begins in December and lasts through February, making

1 Honolulu - Oahu As temperatures begin to drop in other parts of the world, Hawaii's capital

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