Top 8 Best Destination Wedding Spots in Europe

8 Venice The beauty of getting married in Venice is that you don't have to search

7 Corfu If you want a Greek wedding but don't want to brave the crowds that congest Santorini

6 Mallorca Thanks to Mallorca's diverse topography, couples can choose from beachside venues

5 Dubrovnik Dubrovnik's medieval aesthetic and picturesque placement along the vibrant Adriatic

4 Lake Como A popular spot for the rich and famous, Lake Como's heavenly setting is one for the books.

3 Loire Valley For a more remote destination wedding, consider the Loire Valley

2 Santorini Santorini's plethora of pristine ocean views makes for postcardworthy nuptials.

1 Edinburgh Scotland's abundance of evergreen hills and centuries-old sites serve as the perfect backdrop

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