Top 8 Best Beaches in the World

8 Phuket Trust us, you're going to want to go the extra miles for a vacation on Phuket's

7 Kauai Adventurous travelers flock here in droves for the many heart-pumping excursions

6 U.S. Virgin Islands A trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands will charm just about any type of traveler, as St. John

5 Railay Beach Railay Beach (also known as Rai Leh) abuts the Andaman Sea from its location

4 Bahamas With countless beaches to choose from on 700 islands, it's easy

3 Maui If you're looking for a taste of Hawaii's beautiful beaches without

2 Tahiti Tahiti should be high on your list if you like your beaches paired with gourmet

1 Mauritius This scenic African island, which sits east of Madagascar, offers

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