Top 8 Best Beaches in Laguna

8 Monterey What Monterey lacks in swimmable shorelines it makes up for in spectacular scenery.

7 Pismo Beach Pismo Beach, one of the most scenic destinations off Highway 1, is the kind

6 Hermosa Beach Located about 20 miles southwest of Los Angeles, Hermosa Beach is the kind

5 Half Moon Bay If you're the kind of traveler who prefers big, beautiful beaches, check out Half Moon Bay.

4 Pfeiffer Beach This popular beach off Highway 1 is one of the few accessible beaches in Big

3 Malibu Situated approximately 20 miles west of Santa Monica, Malibu is one of Southern

2 La Jolla One of San Diego's most beautiful neighborhoods boasts some pretty enviable shorelines

1 Laguna Beach What stands out about Orange County’s Laguna Beach is its collection of cove beaches

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