Top 8 Best Islands in the World

8 Seychelles When it comes to popular Indian Ocean isles, Mauritius has the action and Maldives

7 Maldives A trip to the Maldives will require patience and plenty of cash.

6 Corfu The Greek isle of choice for travelers on a budget, Corfu is home to a plethora

5 British Virgin Islands The British Virgin Islands are considered some of the Caribbean's chicest

4 St. Lucia  This tropical eastern Caribbean island is a geological wonder, offering visitors

3 Phuket This dreamy Thai island in the Andaman Sea balances cosmopolitan flair with rugged beauty

2 Kauai Kauai is the oldest and most rugged of the Hawaiian archipelago.

1 Hawaii - The Big Island The pure versatility of the Big Island's geography is enough to earn t

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