Top 8 Best Beaches in Costa Rica

8 Barbados The Caribbean’s easternmost island, Barbados calls to couples who want to celebrate

7 Tamarindo Lauded for its terrific surfing and lively nightlife, Tamarindo, a town in the province

6 Sámara Tucked away in a secluded pocket on the western shore of the Nicoya Peninsula,

5 Montezuma A town cherished by artists and free spirits, Montezuma's appeal comes

4 Jacó As the closest shoreline to Costa Rica's capital, Jaco attracts daytrippers

3 Santa Teresa Beachgoers looking for the ultimate surfing vacation should head to the shore

2 Manzanillo, Costa Rica Inside the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast,

1 Manuel Antonio National Park Known for its ample wildlife, verdant rainforest and enviable beaches, Manuel Antonio

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