Top 8 Best Places to Visit in Spain

8 Menorca Mallorca's smaller sister island is a solid option for travelers wanting to visit the Baleari

7 Ronda Plan a trip to this small Andalusian town if you enjoy visiting destinations with unique

6 Benidorm Benidorm appeals to beach bums looking to enjoy a resort-style experience when they're on vacation

5 Marbella Spend some time in this beach town if you want to unwind while visiting Costa del

4 Santander Santander is a breath of fresh air. Situated in northern Spain in the province of Cantabria

3 Costa del Sol Costa del Sol is easily one of southern Spain's top places to enjoy a beach vacation

2 Toledo Travelers who want to experience small-town Spain without venturing far from a big

1 Cordoba The UNESCO-listed historic center of Cordoba is the stuff of Spanish dreams

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