Top 8 Best Places to Visit in March

8 Sydney While the northern half of the world is entering spring, Southern Hemisphere

7 Maui Although March falls within Maui's peak season, its excellent weather

6 Colorado Springs Spring in Colorado Springs is an ideal time for outdoorsy types, families and festival lovers.

5 Sarasota Humidity in this Gulf Coast destination is relatively low in March, making a visit to Sarasota

4 Galapagos Islands While you can spot wildlife in the Galápagos year-round, March is nesting season for animals

3 Asheville, NC March in Asheville is all about the flora. While bloom times can vary from year to year

2 London  This time of year marks the start of the shift from winter to spring in London

1 Yosemite Some roads and trails will likely be closed during this time, but you'll benefit from

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