Top 8 Best Weekend to visit Seattle

8 British Columbia, Canada Perhaps you seek a weekend trip abroad – and, luckily, you can reach

7 Peninsula, Washington Across Puget Sound from the city, the Olympic Peninsula is a prime Washington

6Leavenworth, Washington Experience the charm of Bavaria about 115 miles from Seattle

5 Mount Rainier National Park This national park is best known for its namesake Mount Rainier,

4 Cle Elum An approximately 85-mile drive southeast of Seattle will get

3 Whidbey Island, Whidbey Island sits just off the coast of Seattle amid Puget Sound,

2 Salish Lodge You don't have to travel more than 30 miles out of the city to find

1 Seattle beckons The laid-back city of Seattle beckons art lovers, outdoor adventurers

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