Top 8 Best Cheap Destination Wedding Locations

8 Puerto Vallarta Puerto Vallarta's plethora of all-inclusive resorts make this Mexican locale a great option

7 Curacao The third-largest city in the Dominican Republic is an ideal place to plan a cheap destination

6 Tulum Tulum's Mayan ruins, boho chic aesthetic and prime position on Mexico’s Riviera

5 Cancun Though its reputation as a party destination can be difficult to overlook, Cancun, Mexico, boasts

4 Puerto Rico One of the biggest draws for a destination wedding in Puerto Rico: U.S. citizens can enjoy a taste

3 Costa Rica It's easy to see why Costa Rica is one of the most popular destinations in Central America.

2 Jamaica With its lively atmosphere, friendly locals and pristine beaches, Jamaica offers a cultura

1 Barbados The Caribbean’s easternmost island, Barbados calls to couples who want to

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