Top 8 Best Adventure Vacations in the U.S.

8 Big Sur Located between San Francisco and Los Angeles, Big Sur features the longest stretch

7 Anchorage Anchorage, Alaska, showcases Mother Nature's adventurous side in Chugach State

6 Telluride Telluride, Colorado, was a gold and silver mining town until 1972 when the first

5 Adirondacks This mountainous region in upstate New York has plenty to offer thrill-seekers.

4 Sedona You'll need to pack a sturdy pair of shoes for your trip to Sedona, Arizona.

3 Acadia National Park] There are ample opportunities for adventure in Maine's forested wilderness. If you're considering

2  Hawaii - The Big Island The largest of Hawaii's islands boasts plenty of jungle to trek and not one, but five volcanoe

1 Maui Like other Hawaiian Islands, Maui offers a myriad of activities to get your blood pumping

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