Top 8 Best Small Towns to Visit in the USA

8 Monterey A popular California vacation destination, Monterey is known for its stunning coastal setting.

7 St. Augustine Full of history and unspoiled beaches, this Florida town beckons to visitors with its links 

6 Moab  This eastern Utah town serves as a gateway to the otherworldly rock formations

5 Sedona You'll find the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation in this small Arizona town

4 Lake Tahoe Straddling the California-Nevada state line, Lake Tahoe lets visitors choose their own adventure.

3 Jackson Hole Jackson Hole has made a name for itself thanks to its roughly 400 inches of annual snowfall

2 Telluride This Colorado town woos visitors with its captivating scenery and delightful Mountain Village.

1 Bar Harbor Bar Harbor is small-town Maine at its finest. This relaxing East Coast retreat i

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