Top 8 Best Winter Vacations

8 Lake Tahoe While winters in Lake Tahoe bring plenty of snow, the area's relatively mild daytime temperatures

7 Jackson Hole Those in search of snow-capped mountains, winter sports and cozy lodges will love visiting

6 U.S. Virgin Islands To soak up plenty of sun this winter, vacation in the U.S. Virgin Islands

5 Curacao Budget-conscious travelers should consider vacationing on this island off the northern

4 Rome  Travelers who don't mind donning cold-weather attire to see iconic attractions like the Roman

3 Quebec City Winters here are known for being chilly (average highs range from the 10s to the 30s), but this Canadian

2 Phuket You may find higher accommodation prices and hordes of tourists, but winter visits

1 Rio de Janeiro Although room rates are inflated from December to March (Rio's summer season

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