Top 8 Best Islands  to visit in the World

8 The Azores Composed of nine lush islands in the Atlantic, the Azores have grown in popularity

7 Whitsunday Islands Head to this beautiful collection of 74 islands off the coast of Queensland,

6 Cyprus With its white sand beaches, forested nature trails and ancient ruins,

5 Galapagos Islands In the nearly 200 years since Charles Darwin discovered this natural wonderland about 600 miles

4 Tahiti When you're not surfing or sipping tropical cocktails in your overwater bungalow,

3 Santorini This popular honeymoon spot is more than a hideaway for amorous duos.

2 Bahamas Just uttering the name of this island chain in the Atlantic Ocean conjures

1 Mauritius You've heard the adage that the best places are often the most difficult

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