Top 8 Best Beach Honeymoon Destinations

8 Bali Bali's beaches are some of the best in the world, making the Indonesian island the perfect place

7 Phuket The largest of Thailand's islands, Phuket appeals to lovebirds because of its sandy beaches

6 Bermuda If you're looking for a far-flung destination experience but don't want to

5 Martinique For a unique Caribbean experience, head to Martinique, an overseas region of France

4 Kauai With craggy cliffs, lush jungle landscapes and plenty of beaches to choose from, Kauai

3 Turks & Caicos This small archipelago southeast of the Bahamas is ideal for couples who are looking

2 Santorini With its romantic whitewashed architecture, cliff-side resorts, top-notch Greek cuisine

1 Maui The Hawaiian island of Maui attracts throngs of newlyweds each year thanks to its dramatic

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