Top 8 Best Summer Family Vacations

8 New York City The Big Apple is a playground for children and adults alike. Families visiting New York City

7 Aruba Tropical pastel buildings offset the blinding white beaches of Aruba. One of the few Caribbean islands

6 U.S. Virgin Islands Between the resorts are pristine preserves like Virgin Islands National Park

5 Boston Boston is home to world-class museums like the Boston Children's Museum and the Museum

4 Niagara Falls Niagara Falls is the quintessential family vacation. Niagara's location between Lake Ontario

3 Jackson Hole Boasting incredible mountain scenery, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is a great option for families

2 Anaheim-Disneyland Many adults still remember their first visit to Disneyland, making it no surprise tha

1 Yellowstone Yellowstone is an incredible place for adults, but its geysers, buffalo herds and

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