The 8 Best Places to Visit in India

8. Kashmir This is like nowhere else in India, and the thing to do here is to sleep on a houseboat on Dal Lake.

7. Manali It’s seasonal, has very hippie vibes, and you could just chill at the many cafe’s run by expats

6. Alleppey I’m sure you’ve seen the backwaters of Kerala in photos,

5. Shimla Shimla is a very popular hill station town in the Himalayas on the west side of India.

4.Amritsar The Golden Temple is in Amritsar, a unique Sikh temple (made of gold) that is the most stunning temple

3. Sikkim Sikkim is nestled into the Himalayas on the East side of India, all the way up by Bhutan and Nepal.

2. Varanasi This is where many Hindus come to be cremated, along the Ganges River.

1.Darjeeling Darjeeling is known for it’s rolling tea fields. You might also know it from a certain Wes Anderson film…

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