The 8 Best Places for a Honeymoon in Spain

1. Tenerife – The Rocky Beaches Blessed with year-round sunshine, a wide variety of beach resorts in Spain, and plenty of dining and entertainment, Tenerife in the Canary Islands is one of Spain's most perfect honeymoon destinations.

2. Madrid – The Urban Chic Your honeymoon in Spain is incomplete without a visit to the capital. A perfect spot for the cosmopolitan couple, this Spanish city blends big-city style and energy with a laid-back Mediterranean attitude.

3. Toledo – Rustic Charms Romantic sunsets, beautiful churches, museums, synagogues and mosques, and nightly dancing on the weekends make this city in Spain a perfect choice for honeymooners.

4. Andalucía – A Fairytale Honeymoon Unforgettable natural landscapes such as the Sierra de Aracena and the Doñana wetlands, the Cazorla Natural Park, the white villages and the Alpujarras.

5. Costa Galicia – Colorful Shores This is one of the most romantic places in Spain for the honeymoon. Wild coastal walks, deserted white-sand beaches, windswept private coves, a verdant coastline with cliff-top hideaways and excellent seafood,

6. Alicante – Romantic Nightlife Historic Mediterranean port, dynamic, attractive, this Spanish city with a castle, old town and long promenade is a great place for a honeymoon.

7. Mallorca – Luxurious Adventures Cycling and cycle routes, private yacht facilities, head to Mallorca in the Balearic Islands for an adventurous yet relaxed time together. Hiking in Spain is another adventure sport that you can enjoy on your honeymoon.

8. Benidorm – A Fun-Filled Getaway With three magnificent golden sand beaches, four theme parks and countless hotels, bars, restaurants and nightclubs and discos, the seaside resort of Benidorm on the Costa Blanca

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