1. ROME If you dream of celebrating married life while surrounded by world-renowned pieces of ancient architecture, head to the historic Italian capital of Rome. Exploring the city is an exciting activity in itself. With evocative squares, impressive churches

2. VENICE Filled with pretty squares, idyllic canals and wondrous palaces, Venice is the picture of bliss and the perfect setting for a romantic Italian honeymoon. An idyllic floating city in the middle of the Venetian lagoon, this unique place exudes elegance and is the perfect setting

3. AMALFI COAST If you're both up for a bit of adventure, the Amalfi Coast is also a prime location for hiking. There are plenty of hiking trails in the area that will guide you through the cream of Italy's landscapes. Also, the multitude of chic hotels and villas for you to stay on the Amalfi Coast.

4. SICILY For couples looking for an intimate honeymoon to focus on spending time alone, visit the beautiful island of Sicily. This magnificent slice of paradise offers world-class cuisine, picture-perfect beaches, and fascinating architectural sites.

5. SARDINIA With an incredible hilltop Castello, Cagliari has many exciting sights to see. One of the best ideas for an Italian honeymoon has to be venturing up the sensational marble steps of Passeggiata Coperta from Piazza della Constituzione to Bastione San Remy hand

6. PUGLIA The beautiful region of Puglia sits at the heel of Italy's 'boot' and offers unspoilt scenery, a relaxed atmosphere and excellent Italian cuisine, all without being as touristy as some of the other areas of the country. With white villages, baroque architecture

7. FLORENCE This chic Italian gem caters to every type of couple, with an unrivaled shopping scene for fashionistas, fantastic cuisine for foodies, countless historical museums for culture vultures, and some of the best museums in Europe. World art for creative couples.

8. UMBRIA Definitely one of the quieter Italian honeymoon destinations, tourists tend to miss out on this region in favor of the famous Tuscany region, but this makes it even quieter for savvy vacationers who know and crave a serene getaway.

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