Best 7 Beaches in the World 

What makes a great beach all depends on the traveler. Some prefer wide stretches of sand with ample activities and throngs of people to watch

7. Bora Bora This French Polynesian island is small but mighty. 

6. Fiji Boasting 333 islands, resplendent resorts, sparkling waters and endless stretches of pristine sand

5. Mauritius This scenic African island, which sits east of Madagascar, offers a multitude of beaches worth prioritizing.

4. Tahiti Tahiti should be high on your list if you like your beaches paired with gourmet French cuisine.

3. Maldives Maldives is unlike any beach destination you will experience. This tropical paradise is made up of approximately 1,200 islands

2. Whitsunday Islands Located off the northeast coast of Australia, the Whitsunday Islands feel like a different world entirely.

1. Maui If you're looking for a taste of Hawaii's beautiful beaches without the crowds on Oahu, retreat to Maui.

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