8 Places to Visit in Niue at Low Tide

1. Avatele Beach Head to this excellent snorkeling beach at low to mid tide to enjoy snorkeling among corals and tropical fish. However, some corals grow close to the surface at low tide, so be careful.

2. Tamakautoga Beach This quaint coral beach is well worth a visit at any time for the photos, but reef walking and snorkelling is best here at low tide. Find little pools for snorkelling in and checking out the marine life

3. Amanau Sea Track Walk along a boardwalk lined with coconut palms that leads down a stairway to the reef. There is an overhang with a cave pool ideal for diving from low tide to mid tide.

4. Talava Arches While the iconic Talava Arches are impressive to see at any tide, low tide is best if you want to walk along the reef and under the arch. Follow a 30-minute sea track through the bush starting at Hikutavake

5. Avaiki Cave The cave where once only nobles bathed, Avaiki Cave is now accessible to all, but only at low tide. The Avaiki Cave Sea Track in Makefu is a short path through limestone caves to a coastal cave.

6. Hio Beach One of Niue's most stunning beaches, Hio Beach is ideal for snorkeling in its reef pools at low tide. Please allow 30 minutes to an hour on each side of low tide to allow the water to be deep enough to enjoy these pools to the right.

7. Hikutavake Pools Head down the steps of the Hikutavake Sea Track to a reef with amazing pools for snorkeling. However, it is safest when the waves do not break over the reef. At the top of the sea track there is a whale watch. Nevertheless

8. Utuko Reef This sandy cove with a reef is located in the heart of Alofi, in front of the Police Station. Walk along a well-maintained boardwalk on the small beach that is good for reef walking at low to mid incoming tide

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