8 most beautiful villages that you cannot miss on the island of Paros in Greece

1. PARIKIA Parikia is the capital of Paros and the main port of the island. This is where you'll come in if you're arriving on the Greek island of Paros by ferry. It's also a fun area to stay as the ocean is lined with amazing restaurants and bars.

2. NAOUSA If you are not staying in Parikia, Naoussa is another popular seaside town to visit. The town is full of elegant restaurants, boutiques and cute cafes. Our favorite place to eat downtown.

3. ALIKI The day we took a trip to Aliki we couldn't believe our eyes… What we thought would be just a small fishing village had an amazingly beautiful beach for swimming!

4. DRIOS Drios is a place that you may have seen in your dreams before coming to Paros in Greece! Located in the south-eastern part of Paros, this really is a gem of a seaside town. The beach is full of colored pebbles.

5. PISO LIVADI About 6 km north of Drios, you will find the small fishing port of Piso Livadi. This area is famous for its excellent Greek cuisine with many restaurants sitting on the water. In particular, we loved the atmosphere at Piso Livadi.

6. LEFKES If you didn't know, the must-see mountain village on Paros is called Lefkes! This is the former capital of the island and is complete with many local cafes and restaurants.

7. MARPISSA Paros has many spectacular mountain villages, but this was our favorite! Marpissa dates back to the 16th century and its narrow stone lanes transport you back to the traditional Cyclades.

8. PRODROMOS & MARMARA Between the two mountain towns just mentioned there is one more area to experience. Prodromos and Marmara are small towns located opposite each other.

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