8 best tourist attraction in palau

1. Ngerulmud Plan to visit Ngerulmud, which is popular as the capital of beautiful Palau. This capital is present in Babeldaob, the largest island of Palau, in the vicinity of the town of Melekeok. See spectacular government buildings here.

2. Jellyfish Lake Be sure to visit Jellyfish Lake, which is a popular marine lake in Palau that you can find on the island of Eil Malk. Don't miss out on the fun of diving at Jellyfish Lake, as this lake is one of the most popular diving destinations in this remarkable archipelago.

3. Rock Islands Another wonderful destination not to be missed when exploring Palau is the Rocky Islands, which comprise a small collection of coral or limestone structures jutting out of the water and ancient coral reefs.

4. Meyuns Tour the second most populous city with a population of around 1,000 in Palau by visiting Meyuns. You can find this town on Ngerekebesang Island, and it is linked by a causeway to the amazing Oreor Island.

5. Clear Lake Visit Clear Lake, which is popular as the oldest of all the meromictic marine lakes you can find in Palau and one of only 200 such salt flats on the planet. This incredible lake is between 12,000 and 15,000 years old.

6. Lake Ngardok Explore Babeldaob Island in Palau to visit the largest natural freshwater lake, popular as Lake Ngardok. This amazing lake and its adjacent marshes are home to endangered species of saltwater crocodiles.

7. Melekeok While touring the east coast of the poplar island Babeldaob, be sure to visit Melekeok, which is the Republic state of the country. Have fun here exploring long and spectacular beaches along with mangrove forests.

8. Koror Be sure to visit Koror, which is a state in Palau where you can find the main shopping mall. It comprises several islands and the island of Koror is the most important. Koror was initially the capital of the country and comprises the city known as Koror.

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