8 Best Places to Visit in Summer

8. Iceland Warmer  temperatures and not having to worry about brutal winter weather are two of the main reasons to visit Iceland in the summer.

7. Zermatt, Switzerland Summer in Zermatt, Switzerland is full of colour. It is when the snowy mountains are accentuated with lush,

6. Maldives The islands of the Maldives are best experienced in summer when they have a dry climate. There are almost 1,200 islands throughout the Maldives archipelago,

5. Rome, Italy Since many of Rome's best attractions are outdoors, a visit in the summer puts you in the city at a prime time.

4. Nova Scotia, Canada Traveling to Canada in the summer is always nice, but it's an especially nice time to travel to Nova Scotia.

3. Iceland The summer months have drier conditions, making it easy to access hiking trails throughout the island.

2.Grand Canyon Arizona It is one of the best times to visit the Grand Canyon. Although it is the busiest time in the Grand Canyon

1. Whistler, Canada The mountains of Whistler, Canada are ideal for a winter ski vacation, but summer means more moderate temperatures and other types of outdoor experiences like hiking.

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