8 Best Honeymoon Destinations in the US

1. Maui, Hawaii Maui is a longtime favorite place to visit for a honeymoon. The Hawaiian island is filled with idyllic white-sand beaches backed by turquoise waters, great surfing, inland hiking, and a range of accommodations from affordable to ultra-luxurious.

2. Laguna Beach, California Cliffs drop into the sea at picturesque Laguna Beach. In Orange County, about two hours south of Los Angeles, it is home to more than 30 beautiful beaches and coves,

3. Sunset Key, Florida If your idea of the perfect honeymoon involves a private island, then make your fantasy come true at Sunset Key. Located just a seven minute boat ride from Key West,

4. Nashville, Tennessee If you love live music, you will love Nashville. Sure it has a reputation for being the country music capital of the USA, but country is far from the only genre you'll find around the city.

5. Savannah, Georgia One of the most romantic cities in the US, Savannah, Georgia has cobblestone streets and green, moss-covered trees along with plenty of Southern charm and historic architecture.

6. Molokai, Hawaii If you're looking for a unique honeymoon destination, consider Molokai. The Hawaiian island, which lies between Oahu and Maui, is a far cry from the usual honeymoon.

7. Jackson, Wyoming Want to incorporate national park hiking trails into your honeymoon adventure? Then consider Jackson your base. This ancient western Wyoming town is only 12 miles from the entrance to Grand Teton National Park

8. Big Sur, California Stretching between Carmel and San Simeon on California's central coast, Big Sur covers a wild stretch of coastline along Route 1, with cliffs tumbling into the Pacific Ocean that make for the ultimate moonlight. honey back to nature.

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