8 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Mombasa & Easy Day Trips

8. Mamba Village Centre Mamba Village Centre in Nyali is East Africa's largest crocodile farm.

7. Mombasa Tusks Are you planning a sightseeing tour of the city? You can't miss seeing this famous landmark.

6. South Coast Beaches The coastline south of Mombasa is a world of natural beauty.

5. Old Town On the southeast side of Mombasa Island, the Old Town is reminiscent of the days when the Portuguese ruled this important port.

4. North Coast Beaches Beaches on the north side of Mombasa are a little livelier than the south coast.

3. Mombasa Marine National Park One of the busiest of Kenya's offshore reserves, Mombasa Marine National Park protects mangroves, seagrass beds, sandy beaches

2. Haller Park Haller Park Mombasa is a hit with animal lovers. Formerly called Bamburi Nature Trail

1. Fort Jesus Built in 1593 to 1596 by the Portuguese, Fort Jesus is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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