8 Exciting Things to Do in Nauru

1. Game Fishing You just can't stop enjoying the fun of sport fishing during your Nauru vacation. Just head out into the enchanting marine waters and have a blast enjoying sport fishing. You can rent a boat and go deep sea fishing here.

2. Unwind At Anibore Bay Be sure to relax at the pleasant Anibore Bay, which is one of the most beautiful beaches on this fascinating island. You can find this gigantic bay in the present Anibare district

3. Diving You can enjoy diving in magical waters that surround the fabulous island of Nauru. Take a dip in the charming port of Anibore. This place is the best to enjoy swimming.

4. Play Football Enjoy playing soccer when you are on vacation in Nauru. Watch the local teams playing soccer matches. The national game of soccer is played at the Linkbelt Oval sports ground throughout Saturday in Nauru.

5. Go For Walking Excursions Enjoy the walking tours. Hike to prominent Command Ridge, which is the highest point on the island from where you can take in picturesque views of the entire island of Nauru

6. Scuba Diving You simply cannot miss the thrill of diving when you are on vacation on the island of Nauru. You can bring your own equipment to explore the incredible coral reef that surrounds the island.

7. Watch Remains Of Japanese Guns Plan to visit Yaren, which is a destination on the island of Nauru where you can find remnants of Japanese weapons, bunkers, and other remnants from World War II. In earlier times, Yaren was known as Makwa.

8. Shopping If you are a shopaholic, then you must not miss the great opportunity to enjoy shopping in amazing arts and crafts stores. You can find many arts and crafts shops as you explore the towns here.

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