Adding a Car Rentals Page

Adding a car rentals page is similar to as above. First create a new page and select the page template called Car Rental Template.  This will create the default page with the car search. If you want your own affiliate tracking, proceed to your DoHop area like above in the Flight section.  This time proceed [...]

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Adding a Flight Search Page

Adding a flight search page is very easy. First create a new page and select the page template Flight Template.  The page will be ready with default flight search. To add your own affiliate tracking you will need to first signup as a Do Hop affiliate here: http://whitelabel.dohop.com.  Once you are ready to go, proceed [...]

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Setting Up The Front Page

Follow the steps to create a front home page like the demo: Create the Page First you need to create a new page and select the page template called Front Page Template under page attributes.  You can add content you want to place to the right of the search box in the editor area.  Next, [...]

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How to install Travel Affiliate Guru WordPress version

Welcome to world of Travel Affiliate Guru a complete ready to go travel affiliate Guru script . This guide help you install the WordPress version of Travel affiliate Guru Script For running our script you need to have Domain Name and web Hosting . Download our script from admin area . Download Travel affiliate guru WordPress [...]

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